THE R.O.N. (regular old noserider)

9'0" to 10'0"   $1595
10'1 to 10'6"   $1695  

Prices include color lamination, fiberglass fin and gloss/polish

Description: Designed as an all around log with an emphasis on walking to the nose and spending time there.  The nose has a blended concave for subtle lift and control.  Like all my logs, the RON is shaped from US Blanks Classic density foam for extra strength and weight, which provides a solid and stable feel of a 60's log.  The fin box is 4" from the tail, so that the fin can be placed back in the box for optimum nose riding performance.  The 60/40 rails provide for easy turning and a smooth feeling when walking the board.  

This model comes with the 9.75" MJ Pivot Fin from Rainbow fins.  

Note: This model doesn't come with a leash attachment, but a leash cup can be installed upon request

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