9'0" to 10'0"   $1350
10'1" to 10'6"  $1500  

Prices include color lamination, Nowski model fiberglass fin and a sanded/gloss matte finish

Description: This is an all around Log that features both aspects of glide and maneuverability. It is a joint design effort by Thomas Campbell and Michel Junod. Many hours were spent in the shaping room and in the water to develop a lively, traditional longboard that puts a smile on your face. The outline is slightly on the “Pig” side of the spectrum with the wide point slightly behind center (thus the slight “hips” for turning and maneuverability). The nose is slightly narrower than a typical noserider, but still delivers a stable path for walking to the nose and good noseriding performance.  

The Nowski comes with a 3/16" Bass, 3/16" Redwood T-band stringer and it's own 9.5" Nowski model fin, logo and sanded/gloss finish.  

Note: This model doesn't come with a leash attachment, but a leash cup can be installed upon request.