6'0" to 7'11"  $1375
8'0" to 8'6"    $1450  

Includes color lamination, fiberglass fin and Future boxes and side-bites for the 2 + 1 set up, and gloss/polish

Description:  Like it's name, this model is for turning hard and going fast in head high surf.  The outline is streamlined, yet has enough volume to get around easily in the line up and catch plenty of waves.  The 2 + 1 fin set up gives plenty of drive off the bottom and down the line, yet has the “easy off the top”  characteristics of a thruster to gain speed and maintain momentum for your next turn.  It also has a wide size range to accommodate light surfers like myself, up to “Big Boys” over 200 lbs.   If you like to turn and go fast, the Carver will make it happen for you.   Slight V and double barrel concave in the tail and the MJ Flex Fin really makes this "ride" accelerate down the line.  

This model comes with a 7" or 7.5" MJ Flex center fin depending on board size, and Future boxes and side-bites.


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