6'0" to 8'0"  $1375  

Includes color lamination, Future Fiberglass Thruster Fins or Future Fiberglass Quad Fins.  Gloss/polish or sanded/gloss matte finish.

Description: An extra full volume short board for the surfer who wants to increase wave count significantly, yet at the same time, surf aggressively (speed and maneuverability).  This design is a hit with XL and XXL surfers who can’t seem to find a short board that will float them well and catch waves.  It comes with 5 future fin boxes so you can ride it as a quad or a thruster.  This model has been selling like hot cakes!  Average size surfers can go down in size and volume and still load up on your wave count (see dimension chart on this model).  

This model comes with Future Fiberglass Fins, either a thruster set or a quad set. 

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