8'6" to 10'0"   $1495
10'1" to 10'6"  $1595  

Prices include color lamination, fiberglass fin and gloss/polish or sanded/gloss matte finish

Description:  If you want just one long board in your quiver, this is the one.  I designed the Easy Rider to work in most conditions from 2' to 8'.  This is not a log, but a medium weight long board that catches waves easily, and has a little more kick in the nose for handling bigger waves.  It features down rails in the tail with a slight V and double barrel concave, which provides for carving turns and acceleration down the line.  With the MJ Flex Fin powering you out of turns you won't get left behind the section.  The clean outline shape still has enough nose area for nose riding when the conditions are right.  

This model comes with the 9" or 9.5" MJ Flex Fin depending on the size of board.

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