JUNOD EGG - 7'6" w/artwork by TESSA HOPE HASTY

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MODEL: Junod Egg

DIMENSIONS: 7'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4"

COLORS: Solid aqua blue with white fin box. Painted drops on deck by our good friend: TESSA HOPE HASTY view her work at: tessahopehasty.com

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about Tessa Hope Hasty:

Tessa Hope Hasty is an elemental artist. Growing up immersed in nature- from sea level Santa Cruz to the Sierra Nevada mountains- has infused her with a great love and respect for the natural world and all the inspiration one can find in the wild.

She began creating as a small child, following the footsteps of her creative parents and has continually dedicated her time and energy to personal adventures and the creative process. Her training includes an eclectic combination of one-on- one apprenticeships with numerous prolific artists. She has always savored the opportunity to sit at the feet of those who have lived their talk in the realm of art and nature, drawing from the very best of their wisdom into her own creative endeavors. In addition to direct mentorship, global travels, and keen observations in her adventures and experiences, she received her Bachelor degree in Pictorial Studies, with a double minor in Business and Art History, from San Jose State University.
Through and through her life has been shaped by deep family connection, nature, the simplicity of being receptive, and the delight in taking a new adventure. Tessa uses reverence for sources of inspiration and creative expression lights the spark to capture fleeting moments in a lasting way.